Tuesday, April 26, 2005

All Lubed Up and Nowhere to Ho

I was just elbow deep in oils. Olive oil with essential oils tossed in. I am trying to find a scent that is appropriate for the Susan G. Komen Foundation's Survivor Luncheon and a scent that others will want to buy so that WMO can donate some money to the organization and, in turn, make some money itself - karma whoring - again.

I am stuck on a sandalwood scent. Sandalwood is incredibly sensual. I have often read and often hear that those coping with breast cancer and those who have survivored don't feel very sensual. So that has married me to sandalwood. It is also a bit musky/woodsy and I like that. My other scent was a bit difficult. I love citrus scents because they are invigorating and uplifting - a fitting combination with the sensual sandalwood. However, either my mixture didn't work out the way I had hoped, or I am the only one who doesn't like it. Others - who are brutally honest most of the time - have told me they enjoy it and would purchase it. But I was unhappy.

So I went with Rose. Rose is relaxing and pink (to match the pink ribbon associated with breast cancer). OK - the pink part is a stretch, but that's ok. We already have a rose/sandalwood facial elixir that is to die for. I had originally wanted to take that scent and put it in a polish and a lotion but citrus hit me first. I just spent the last hour developing the rose/sandalwood polish scent. I love it.

But I am unsure. Do I go with the rose/sandalwood or the citrus/sandalwood? We already have citrus and rose scents. Perhaps I should have chosen something completely off the wall like lemongrass/pine. But that doesn't really work. Or almond/ylang ylang but that doesn't even sound appealing. Tangerine and lemon? Nah. Lavender and ylang ylang make a wonderful combination but we have lavender in so many products I feel as though it's quite tired.

So here I am again - not thinking outside the box at all - but trying to decide between citrus and rose to accompany my sandalwood.

I don't know.

No matter what happens, I am all oiled up and ready for action. I feel as though someone should come over and rub me from my hands to my elbows (but J, you are in the library). I will have the softest skin of anyone in town! Perfectly exfoliated, moisturized and cleansed. No matter what scent piques your interest, you will be assured quality products lovingly agonized over like this.

Try Wild Mountain Organics. In the next week, check out our Web site to find information on how you can order the scent I choose. Whichever that may be!

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