Saturday, April 09, 2005

Be careful what you wish for

This expression is going to get someone in trouble. That someone is my boyfriend. I think I mentioned in a previous post that he is wonderfully supportive and loving and I love him - he's great. Well, when he read the Walk of Shame post he was hurt! He thought it was a personal affront to him. He thought I was ashamed of him because of this! I had to chuckle because it never even crossed my mind. I am not ashamed of him at all. In fact, I tell everyone about him to the point that people are probably sick of hearing how wonderful he is. Walk of Shame just carries that name. It's not shame because of who you've been with. It's shame because you return home disheveled and not quite yourself.

About my guy...

My wonderful boyfriend whisked me away last night - A night that was completely perfect. We went to Letchworth State Park and stayed at the Glen Iris Inn. We ate and drank well more than we should have, but it was divine. We stayed in this wonderful suite that took us back to a different time. I don't want to say a simpler time because how simple could the 1800's have been? At any rate, we enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed quiet time together.

What I find quite funny is that we have the same thoughts. He usually verbalizes them and I get goose bumps because I was thinking the same thing. Before you think, Jesus, anyone can say that. We think of odd things. Buying his friends a tree because they had a baby; mountain bike riding and bringing along a picnic; white water rafting. I wouldn't categorize these as normal things. Not normal to others I know. It's a bit eerie in a wonderful, calming kind of way.

So - there is no walk of shame or ride of shame with him - not in the way he thinks of it. It is hardly shame. Shame needs to be taken out of the name. How about Ride of Complete Bliss. Drive of Dignity - ok, that's a bit too much. He is wonderful and deserves this clarification and will likely tell me that he is embarrassed by it. But that's what happens when you pick on me - you get picked back, but in a more public forum.

Once again, we realized that Wild Mountain Organics' Rose/Sandalwood Facial Elixir makes a wonderful body massage oil. You really should try it. Oh - it also works well on your face. But why place restrictions on such a wonderful product?

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