Saturday, July 02, 2005

Animal Testing, Jello Legs, and Sandra Day O'Connor

This has been an incredibly strange day. First of all, I have to run 5 miles for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Team In Training Program. I don't think that I will be able to do it and I end up doing it and feeling awesome afterward. Could I be getting in shape?


Then I get home and realize that my legs are all jello and I have to rest. But by the evening I am ready to run again. Could I be insane?


Then I try to formulate a doggy shampoo for Miss Lily's Biscuits. Michele is the President and my Farmer's Market neighbor. We are both 'carnies' and we love it! I told her that I wanted to develop a dog shampoo based on a formula my sister uses in NC (her contribution to research and development and I am sure she is tickled). Michele wants to market it under Miss Lily's Biscuits. I say, sure. She then tells me that she wants it by the next couple weekends for some big shows she has coming up. So I feel a bit of pressure.

I mix my formula and then decide I have to bathe Cocoa. She's the chihuahua/daschund mix who fits nicely in my kitchen sink. So she is my 'volunteer'. Then I tweak the formula a bit and give Beeno a bath in the backyard. My other 'volunteer'. J, who is fixing the brakes on my truck, says to me, "I thought you guys said you don't test on animals?"

I thought, damn. We don't. But I guess you kind of have to test a dog shampoo on dogs. In fact, I even thought about asking for volunteers among the neighbors' dogs. I chuckled and said, that's ok. The products are natural and I'm just tweaking an existing formula. But I still felt a bit odd.

Then the oddest thing happened. I call my mother because I heard that Wild Mountain Organics was mentioned in the Buffalo News in an article about the Downtown Country Market. I am tickled so I ask her to save the paper. Then she says, "Pauline, Sandra Connor is retiring. Do you think that's a good job for you?"

Now for those of you who don't know my mother, I'll give you a brief primer. When she mentions a famous name, it is never correct. In fact, it is often so horribly mispronounced that you find yourself struggling to find out who on earth she could be talking about.

So I said, Sandra Day O'Connor? The federal judge?

Yes, that's the one.

I said, that would be an awesome job for me, Mom, if I was an attorney, old, and sucked G.W.'s ding dong. Since I am not an attorney, I am not old, and I do not suck our President, I probably won't be good for the job. Not to mention the other reasons I would never make it - I would need to be appointed by G.W. and since I have morals and ethics and am a proponent of women's right (to name a few of the hundreds of issues) I wouldn't stand a chance.

But it's a good thought, mom. Thanks for looking out for me. While I do reach for the stars and strive to succeed, I also try to remain reasonable.

Keep your eyes open for the Wild Mountain Organics' line of dog care products. First you will find the dog shampoo - labeled under Miss Lily's Biscuits. While you're at it - try some treats for your pets. Both Doggy and Kitty! Then pamper yourself as you would them with some Wild Mountain Organics.

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