Sunday, March 12, 2006

Day 4 (Part VII)

Today the toilets are betraying us which is great news since all they feed us are beans.

Today I have also started my list of things I can't wait to do/have when I return:
  • A bathroom with a real door and walls and toilet paper that isn't soggy in the morning from the dew (or I hope it's dew and not a late night crap shoot, so to speak).
  • Hot showers - which I will take until my hot water tank runs dry! I have had only one hot shower while here. What is sad is that I am starting to enjoy cold!
  • Pizza and wings.
  • Clean dishes - or dishes I have cleaned that I know were not found in a toxic waste home - at this point we aren't sure. There is some speculation...
  • Kiss my house, hug my furniture, hump my bed, cook dinner. Not in any particular order.
  • Drink a glass of wine to prove I am civilized then abandon the glass and drink the rest of the bottle with a straw.
  • Only my dogs and me in my bedroom. Anyone else, invite only. No offense, but that invite won't include 60+ people. I have been know to do some racy things, but that wouldn't be one of them.
  • Run naked in my house because I can.
  • Go to sleep without distractions and without three layers of clothes (it gets cold at night when there is no heat).
  • Laundry.
  • Burn incense to remember our hippie hosts.

I read this list and feel rather selfish, but it's what's keeping me normal and grounded. It's also keeping a part of me removed from the situation because I have to keep one foot outside.

Good news! The Wild Mountain Organics insect repellent works in the bayou of New Orleans! Woo hoo! Perhaps a portion of the sales of our insect repellent will go to Common Ground to continue their good work! Perhaps I should send them some. Perhaps I will just try to remember to use it!

Bad news. I may kill or severely injure or maim people by the end of the trip. I think a week in close, rather uncomfortable, quarters/situations is testing the patience of people. It's testing mine and I have a great deal of patience. I'm a professor, god dammit!

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