Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Accept Jesus and It's All Downhill

I love to read church signs because they crack me up. A friend of mine found one a couple years ago that read "Pray for the Harvest but keep on hoeing." We still laugh about it.

Today on my way to work, I passed a sign that read, "Accept Jesus and it's all Downhill." Now this could mean one of two things:
  • Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and your life will be so easy it will be like riding a bike downhill.
  • Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and your life has just started its downward spiral.
Which do you think I am clinging to?

Secondly, with all this talk about the 100 year anniversary of the Great Quake of San Francisco followed by the Great Fire That Engulfed a City Built on 3 Faults, I find myself wondering when the next will hit. I saw a wonderful program on The History Channel last night that discussed the quake, subsequent fires and what will happen next time. You see, it's mother nature. There will be a next time. The question is when. And how bad. And will I be home in my skivies when it happens or at work writing in my blog or downloading porn?

The NY Times had a summary article regarding the festivities to commemorate the anniversary. These crazy San Franscicans got up at the time of the earthquake (5:12 a.m.), many in period clothes, to celebrate and mark the event. Celebrate seems a morbid word. I feel that way every time they discuss the Titanic. Yes, there was a horrible movie about the disaster but it was that - a disaster. It was hardly something I would want to celebrate, per se.

At any rate, the article also mentioned that several survivors from the 1906 quake were at the celebration. Survivors? How freaking old are these people? They have to be at least 100 - at least. I would even argue they would have to be at least 101. Are these people still alive or is this a Weekend at Bernie's, let's drag out the bodies for the event, kind of thing. And do they want to celebrate this? This quake probably killed many people they knew (because at 1 or 2 years old, your knowledge of your circle of friends and family is huge).

I don't know. I do enjoy reading about our history but I think that we have a strange way of marking anniversaries and such.

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