Sunday, June 04, 2006

You Look Like Chewy Without Hair

My sister, in addition to being my partner in Wild Mountain Organics, is also a waitress at a restaurant in Charlotte. Having also worked in the food industry in my day, I can certainly relate to the stories she shares.

Case in point - DO NOT EVER go into a restaurant 15 minutes before it closes and expect to be served in a cheery manner. While technically the restaurant is open, come on. Do you like it when people call you 15 minutes before you leave work expecting at least 45 minutes of your time? No, I suspect you do not. Be considerate!

But that isn't what this story is about. My sister told me about a group of 16 she had to wait on last night. 8 of the 16 were parents, the other 8 were 14-year-old kids who just finished playing a baseball game. This must have been their post game treat. Hell, when I was younger, we went for ice cream, not dinner, but the times they are a changin'. She described the technology they were sporting in the form of fancy pants Blackberries and Palm Pilots and cell phones which is the topic of another blog post altogether.

A little information about my sister. She is beautiful! She could be a model. 5'10.5" of slender. But she is also going to be 30 this year. There is nothing about a 14-year-old boy that is appealing to her. Nor should a 14-year-old boy be hitting on her.....with his parents at the next table! It's icky!

She was impressed by their pick-up lines. For example, one creative tyke said "You look like Chewy without hair."

I said, Chewy, like Chewbacca from Star Wars? She said, yeah, that Chewy.

She said to the boy, "Um, that's nice," and was quite sarcastic when she said it.

He then, apparently, scrambled to explain it by stating, "No, like a hot Chewy, like on the beach."

Um, I'm not really sure what a hot Chewy on the beach is and how that relates to my attractive sister considering that Chewy from Star Wars is male and my sister is clearly not. I also don't recall an episode of Star Wars that took place on a beach (the first one released had scenes on Luke's home planet that had sand), but I haven't seen the most recent one so perhaps there is a scene in Bermuda I missed. But these boys are 14-years-old. And they are dumb. And they are pampered.

You figure it out.

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I will try anything at least once, more if I like it, lots if I really like it

I like that, chewy with out hair