Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Flora and Fauna

I fell in love with some of the flora and fauna in China. I love bamboo. I want to grow my own garden of bamboo in my backyard but don't know if I can. I have never heard of Buffalo Bamboo. I can be the first.

I also love bats. We do have bats in the U.S., notably in the country where I live. I don't recall ever seeing them in Buffalo at night. I may not have been looking for them, but I don't recall them.

Bats flew outside my window at the Friendship Hotel in Beijing nightly. I also enjoyed listening to their cries. I didn't dare stand outside on the balcony too long, nor keep the door open because my room would have been inundated with bugs. Several of our traveling companions fell victim to the bugs. Several woke up and found bites all over their body. Thank God I wasn't one of them. I prefer to be bite free.

Each night I would briefly stand on the porch and listen to the bats and watch them fly about in a Chinese acrobatic aerial maneuver.

Very cool.

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