Saturday, November 24, 2007

What Would Frank Say?

St. Francis of Assisi is our patron saint.

At least I think that's the terminology.

We were shopping in Old Town San Diego and saw St. Francis everywhere.

We went into a garden/wind chime shop. Everywhere were things having to do with gardens, kitchens and kitsch. Wind chimes were everywhere! I was thrilled because I thought of my future mother-in-law The two of us love wind chimes. Her son/my fiance hates them.

They also had St. Francis figurines in all kinds of ways. There was wooden garden Francis; ceramic Francis; colorful Francis. Quite odd.

Guess who wins?

I am always going to win. It keeps the peace in the house.

I was thinking about getting several things when I realized we didn't have any room in our damn car! I also didn't feel like packing anything in my already full suitcase, nor did I feel like carrying it on. I am too cheap to ship.

We saw all kinds of historic buildings and sites. There was a wonderful glass blower. The ornaments, lamps and such were spectacular. I had to get something so I got a hair clip. I am always a sucker for hair clips. I did grab a brochure because I wanted to share it with Jamie. He would love this.

Then we visited the tinsmith, the candy maker, candle maker, etc. We were able to watch the candy maker making taffy. I love taffy so I had to get some. Rather than an assortment, I am picky. I want vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon, lemon. You can keep all the crappy flavors like grape, raspberry, booger, etc. I want nothing to do with them!

We saw an old-time dental/physician office. That makes you cringe. We tried to go into a museum to check out a school or something and a surly old woman yelled at us because we had just taken a piece of candy and eaten it. She yelled at us not to come into the musuem with food.

She scared us so we left.

And then I gnawed another piece of taffy off the wax paper (it was warm and wouldn't come off any other way).

Then we had a bit too much fun with some of the souvenir shops. Turns out Basil is fond of being a complete ass also. Great fun! I have pictures with makeship boobies, a funky hat with veil, and with Day of the Dead dolls.

The Day of the Dead is quite fascinating. It's the way some celebrate November 1 and 2. Many religions believe that on or around October 31 is when the veil between this world and the next is thinnest. This is the time when many Mexicans believe ancestors who have passed on will return. It's important for them to prepare their homes for their return. They clean, cook and celebrate because they want to welcome their ancestors and make them feel welcome. This is a cool tradition.

They did have bride and groom Day of the Dead dolls. I almost got them.

Then I thought it might not be the best omen for my wedding...

We did interact with this crazy woman in a shop. We saw St. Francis Christmas ornaments and tea light holders. We were excited. Basil got several for his brothers. The crazy woman kept referring to St. Francis as "Frank." I don't know why it bugged me so much! I felt as though she was being disrespectful. Basil even asked her about her "intimate relationship with St. Francis." He admitted to being to a Franciscan Friar. That didn't seem to faze her.

Frank would be okay with it, I think.

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