Friday, December 21, 2007

Dating Delusions

So my mom is in a psychiatric ward getting help for a number of issues.

And she has a boyfriend.

And she has a job.

Kind of.

One of the first days she was there, F, a patient, started dressing better and showering. He would then walk past my mother's room singing. He would also go in and sit down. The other girls joked with F: Why was he dressing and why was he clean? Apparently these things are hard to come by.

Then my mom decided she had to knit. Knitting has always been something she enjoys and does well. So they allowed her to knit at the hospital. She decided she wanted to knit slippers for all the current patients on the ward. Well, the RNs and other staff are so impressed with her work that they wanted her to knit them slippers. They offered to pay her for them.

So my mother has both a boyfriend and a job in a week.

Damn, she's good.

And we are screwed!

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