Saturday, December 22, 2007

Embrace Her or Stone Her?

Today I read my copy of the serious news magazine, People.

I had heard the news this week this Jamie Lynn Spears, Brittney's kid sister, is pregnant. She is 16 years old.


Do you know what I was doing when I was 16? Well, I will tell you what I wasn't doing. What you need to be doing to be pregnant at 16. That's what I wasn't doing. In fact, I am not even quite sure I thought it a good idea. Do you remember when you first heard about what is involved in baby making? I found it quite ooky. The idea of it was a bit odd and quite laughable.

I've changed my mind since then, but at 16, I am quite sure it was still a bit ooky.

In her defense, she may have thought the following (given her family - let's put that on the table):
-You can't get pregnant the first time.
-You can't get pregnant if your mother and father are complete morons and let you run amok having sex at 16.
-You can't get pregnant if your sister loses custody of her kids because she is unfit because then God will think the same of you and spare you.
-You can't get pregnant if you have sex at the family compound in Kentwood, LA.
-You can't get pregnant until you are least 18.
-If you douche with coca-cola, you are all set, and we had a six-pack of the damn beverage in the back of the pick-up truck right next to the chewing tobacco and condoms we forgot to use because we were sooo in the moment!

Good luck, Jamie Lynn. And even better luck to the baby! Perhaps K-Fed can babysit!

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