Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Dreams Have Come True!

Wine comes in a convenient drink box.

I did not make that up.

I was at the liquor store with a good friend of mine. We had decided that drinking at the restaurant was too expensive when we had this fabulous liquor store across the street and her vacant parents' house up the street.

No, we are not teenagers. We are nearly 40. But we also know when to take advantage of a free home.

We laughed because the idea does seem absurd when you are becoming a more seasoned member of society, but who cares.

It was when were were selecting bottles of wine that we made the discovery. We were struggling with what to do. Neither of us had a bottle opener and since we each had about 3,000 at home, we didn't want to buy another for the afternoon.

We could have purchased screw-top wine, but I don't think that occurred to us.

Then we saw it.

Alice White wine in a convenient and handy drink box. The top screwed off and you could suck the wine right out! You didn't even need a glass! Joy! Rapture!

And, we discovered, it fits nicely in your cup holder in the car.

NOTE: I do not advocate drinking while driving or drinking and driving. I am merely making an observation. If I did not have a bag or a large purse, I could put the wine in my cup holder and it would stay.

Now, if they could just package wine in those cool Capri Sun pouches, I would be in heaven and I would never leave the schoolyard!

How about drink box wine and string cheese?

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