Monday, October 19, 2009

What? Students Protest Doing Their Own Work?

There was a wonderful article in the Buffalo News today about students, particularly at the University at Buffalo, who have a hard time understanding their foreign professors. I understand, to a point. Struggling to understand a professor may be taxing, but eventually you will get it. And you better learn.

You will have to deal with a global marketplace and you better get used to trying to understand others. My favorite quote from the article, though, is:

“It makes me feel like I’m being personally cheated out of my tuition money,” said Urtel, a junior. “You have to read the book, try and learn it on your own and work with other students going through the same thing.”

Those sons-of-bitches. They expect you to read the book and try to figure something out on your own? And share knowledge and skills with others? I would complain!

Demand a refund!

And you thought a good education meant your hand was held and your ass was wiped. Peter Pan grows up.

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