Thursday, December 24, 2009

Garanimals for Adults

Do you remember those outfits your mom could buy when you were younger? Garanimals? For those who have no idea what this means, let me explain. Kids would be able to put outfits together on their own simply by matching the tags with one another. For example, if your pants had a zebra tag, you would find a zebra tagged shirt and, wonder of all wonders, you would have a matching outfit!

Can we make them for adults?

I think we need to have tagged outfits for many people. I have seen far too many zebras with tigers with elephants and it is disturbing to me. Put your tags together and then walk out the door! What on Earth are you thinking with some of these outfits?!

Zebras should not mix with tigers. In fact, I think in nature, tigers eat zebras! I think that should happen in fashion. Predators and prey do not mingle effectively. There is a reason!

Please, learn to match.

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