Sunday, March 16, 2014

Better pictures of the Orange Room

I have been struggling with the orange room.  It's our bedroom and it's also kinda dark.  We had quite a bit of sun today and I turned the lights on.  Let's see if these look a tad better.

I just love the combo of orange and purple.  This quilt is from an antique shop.  Just love this room.

We bought some new bed linens to better match the room. I love the combination of orange, purple and green.  The wall hanging on the right is from China.

View from the door looking straight in.  I realize that feng shui dictates that the foot of the bed not aim for the door, but it's all we can do for now.  We will change it when we convert our master bedroom.  This is the guest room/my office.  The picture on the wall is of Assisi, Italy, from Assisi.

A better view of the room without as much blur.  Of course I have a broom hanging on my wall.  You may also see my antique schoolmaster's desk.

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