Sunday, July 06, 2014

A goober's life....Nat Geo forever

We finally have shelves to house my collection of National Geographic Magazines (NatGeo, for those in the know).  We painted our living room a light blue, the trim Snow Bank, and the back of the shelves a darker blue.  The NatGeos really do pop against the shelves and stand out in the room.

I have been a fan of Nat Geo since I was a kid.  I remember reading them monthly as a new issue arrived.  I also have a signed copy - Eugenie Clark, renowned shark expert, spoke at the Buffalo Museum of Science at the former Hayes Lecture Series.  My father and I were regulars.  I asked her to autograph a then recent article titled "Sharks, Magnificent and Misunderstood."  What kid does that?  I still have it.

In fact, my father was probably tickled that I was a goober.  He had to be thinking, she won't be a teen pregnancy statistic because she won't even kiss a boy until she's 30.

I have most issues from 1950 to the present and many from 1920-1950.  A pretty nice collection and they look wonderful in the living room.  They had been at my mother's house.  I think she was thrilled to get rid of them.

It may be difficult to see the navy background color, but look how we've arranged the magazines.  I didn't want to just have them loaded one after another as they are on the bottom shelf.  Jamie was worried that was what I was going to do.

I like that they are displayed with other things that mean something to us.


Main wall color: Hi-Ho Silver (Olympic) 
Back of Shelves color: Blue Fjord (Olympic) 
Trim: Snowbank (Olympic)

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