Monday, April 18, 2005

In Praise of Morning Classes

Anyone who has ever been to college, or any school for that matter, knows that morning classes usually suck. I've often thought so. And I'm a morning person - usually.

If you've been to any school, you also know that the Professor makes a huge difference. If you have a wonderful Professor, you can pretty much accomplish anything, learn anything, and try anything. Hell, a wonderful Professor can even make a morning class enjoyable.

Such was the case recently when I decided to try a morning class with a wonderful Professor. I had heard much about his reputation but I wanted to see for myself. I believe in hands on learning so off I went.

I think with morning classes there are fewer expectations. This makes learning and enjoying so much more likely. It allows you to open yourself to new experiences and new ways of thinking. You may even approach things a bit more lively.

It certainly helps to kick start your day. If you have a good Professor and a good class, you will subsequently have a good day!

So my experience with morning classes has changed. I now welcome the opportunity to attend a class in the wee hours before others are even thinking of getting up. I like the jump start to the day the class affords me. I like thinking fondly of the next.

Life is, after all, a giant classroom waiting for you to learn! Embrace!

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