Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bien Adieu Boudoir Paris

Welcome to my Parisian Boudoir! I found myself saying that quite a bit this morning. Along with, most of the furnishings are from the Jaclyn Smith Collection. That garnered many comments and odd facial expressions. Excerpts are as follows:
  • Jaclyn Smith? Charlies Angels sure was good to her.

  • Jaclyn Smith? From, like, K-Mart?

  • Jaclyn Smith? Just goes to show you that a good designer can make anything look good.
Truth be told, I hadn't been to K-Mart in years but if this is what is there - I will be there tomorrow.

I was part of a volunteer corps of ladies representing the Susan G. Komen WNY Affiliate at the Junior League of Buffalo's Designer Show House. The Designer Show House is really an opportunity for local designers, artists, shops, etc. to showcase their talent - And what talent we have! Especially considering that my room had Jaclyn Smith furnishings. And you would never have known! That's who needs to be doing my house!

I thought it was rather appropriate that they put me in the room with the bathroom (I am always using the bathroom - large body, small bladder) and the bedroom with the wine rack. That is one design idea that I think I will incorporate into my personal home decor. Hey - even the wine rack was from the Jaclyn Smith collection.

Bien Adieu Boudoir Paris. I learned that simple French phrase that morning and thought it more important than the room designer and artists. They can read about these people. How often will they see me greeting them into a bedroom speaking French? Never! Hell, I don't even know if I spelled the phrase correctly. Nor do I care really. I have bigger problems. More important fish to fry. Like....

Trying to resist the temptation to abscond with a bottle of vino. Come on. I was volunteering and the wine was good. Who could have blamed me? If I had a larger purse.....Or a corkscrew and a straw. But I digress.

Damn those morals and ethics that keep rearing their ugly heads. Those bastards sitting on my shoulder saying "Come on, you are here as a messenger of good decor. Resist the urge to be a wanton wine hussy."

I left with a new appreciation for the talent in Western New York. I always knew there were incredible businesses and little known secrets but this really showcased what we have. If it didn't cost $15 or some crazy admission fee, I would suggest J and I go. But come on.

For more Western New York talent, take a look at Wild Mountain Organics. Sure, the company came from Oregon, but it is now Western New York (and Charlotte) through and through. Sample some today and decide for yourself if you want to keep it a secret or not. We are guessing not!

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