Monday, May 02, 2005

Writers Block

I have been struggling this weekend with what to write. Nothing has been striking my fancy. Nothing has really motivated me to write. Nothing. I have ideas every now and then and then they go away. I don't know why, really. Is it the weather and the fact that I want warm weather and less rain? Is it that I have gained 5 pounds and feel squishy? Is it that I have been so busy working that I think of nothing else?

Who knows.

Then I thought - when did you feel good before? Really feel good. It was when I decided to try to turn my life around. I do this every couple months and it sticks for a good couple weeks before I remember that I am in walking distance of the local pizza place and they have good chicken fingers that come with yummy french fries that I dip in the extra blue cheese I order after I smother them in hot sauce. Of course I said the pizza joint is walking distance, but I won't walk it. I justify it by saying that I don't want them waiting for me, nor do I want my food to get cold on the 3 minute walk home. What it really is is lazy.

Today I scoured some recent recipes (Cooking Light is a great source) to find some things I would like to make this week. After one week I usually feel wonderful - especially since I usually lose a couple pounds. That is always motivating.

I will make my way to my favorite produce market and then be renewed when I return! It also helps that my kitchen is clean and organized. It makes sticking to new habits much easier.

I really have no excuse for hurling myself off the weight-loss, feel good wagon. I love fruits and veggies. I could eat them all day! I also love lean meats and I don't often cook with too much fat, butter, lard, etc.

I also love exercise! Really. I love running, biking, rowing, kayaking, yoga, pilates, weights, etc. I love the rush I get. I love that I sweat my ass off (that means you burned extra calories - just kidding). I love when I start to see muscles. I love that I have muscles.

So what's the issue? I don't know. Perhaps for me to truly stay strapped to the wagon, I need to figure that out.

So - J - my partner in crime - I have decided we are going to eat better and exercise. I know - I haven't told you yet, but you will succumb to my way of thinking. See how optimistic and cocky I am? Just kidding. You don't have to, but it would probably be easier if we did it together.

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