Monday, June 06, 2005

Hotter Than a Witch's Nipple In a Brass Bra....

It is damn hot in Buffalo! Who knew?

What a weekend. After the chaos of last weekend - one of these posts I may go into it, but not today - I thought we would relax a bit this weekend.

But that was not to be.

We took a ride out to the Finger Lakes on Saturday to check out a farmers/crafters market that I had thought about participating in with Wild Mountain Organics. It didn't really strike me as the kind of place we want to be so I am going to walk away for now. We did have a wonderful drive around the Finger Lakes area. New York State is truly an amazing state. There is so much to do and see. I don't know how many historic little towns we went through but each was quainter than the last.

Then my brother came over and he and J staked out my backyard for a fence I plan to put in. Those of you who know my brother know that instead of just buying the wood or buying the existing fence, he cuts the trees down from my mother's back 40 and makes the fence himself. I am not complaining because he is saving me $1000 by doing so. I love it! And I also get this wonderfully crafted piece of work. It will match the double-seated Adirondack chair and side table he recently made for me also. Talented dude all around.

J decided that it was time to tackle other projects around my yard like felling some trees and shrubs so that I could open up the space and really have a nice retreat. I piped in with, can we hang my hammock? I got what I wanted, I didn't care what else happened.

That was Saturday. Sunday was the day in which it was too hot even for my brother to work outside and that's what he does for a living! J decided that we were going to finish cutting up the trees, move the rocks, churn up the dirt, move the sidewalk pavers and reset them in a different location, move soil to the front yard to ready it for topsoil and grass, and level the horrible garden beds I have in my backyard that resemble freshly dug graves.

Sure. Why not. Piece of cake.

I cannot remember a time when I have been as dirty, sweaty, tired, hot, and excited in my life - and all of it working on my yard! J never quits. I told him that I have trouble with worms. He helped me move the rocks. We found a couple worms but I didn't seem to mind. Victory for me. Then I told him that I have trouble in the heat with dehydration and my low blood pressure. He made sure I was well hydrated and rested periodically. Then I told him I was exhausted and didn't think I could continue. He told me to go take a shower and he would continue.

Lest you think I am a wimp, we did work on the yard for about 6 hours in the heat of the day. We did quite a bit of work. In fact, we had several neighbors commenting on how wonderful things look and how excited they are that someone is finally doing something with the place.

J and I compared ideas. I told him I wanted a garden with veggies, herbs, and fruit. He told me ok. He isn't fond of most of the goodness I picked out, but he's going to help me anyway. I told him I wanted to move the plants from the middle of the lawn to someplace better suited to them and he helped me decide where to put them. I told him that I wanted a labyrinth in the backyard and he humored me as I expected he would. I don't think I will be getting the labyrinth this year - but perhaps next year!

We discussed removing the delapitated shed I have and replacing it with a fancier model that will still hold everything. I told him where I wanted to put my pool - which would have come in quite handy yesterday, I can assure you. I told him that we should plan on putting an outdoor bbq pit/outdoor kitchen kind of thing in the yard. I think he likes that idea.

I then asked him when he was planning to move in since he spends more time helping me with my house than he does at his own. And I think he actually likes it! It think it's wonderful that we work well together. We didn't get cranky once - not once. At least we didn't show it.

Afterward we sat in the mack daddy king sized hammock with our alcohol of choice. We relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. I could have stayed in that damn hammock all day. But we had to eat. And I do have priorities!

Now I am sore. My ass hurts from all the squatting lifting rocks and moving them, etc. My body just wants to rest. But I got up and got moving. And when we are finished, this place will look like a million bucks. And it will be ours! To share and enjoy!

After I got as much dirt and grime off of myself as I could, I sprayed the Wild Mountain Organics' Facial Toner not just on my face, but all over. The witch hazel, orange blossom hydrosol and lime essential oil really lifted me up and rejuventated. Especially after a day like that! Enjoy some for yourself.

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