Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Speedskating Tantrum

I was watching the Olympics last night because I wanted to watch the figure skating without Kwan.

Prior to this I had to watch speed skating. I have mentioned that I enjoy the Olympics.

But that comes with a caveat. I love the Olympics until they show the same damn sport over and over in various lengths with the same athletes over and over. Then I'm over it. That's why I don't particularly care for track and field and tire of swimming in the summer Olympics. Enough.

I realize it is a different race each time. I still don't feel enthused. And the Olympics are longer than I remember - but that could just be a perception.

At any rate, I was forced to watch speedskating last night. The two American dudes (Hedrick and Davis) came in bronze and silver respectively. Apparently I missed some pissing match the other day between the two competitors.

They pissed at one another again last night. Immediately after the race (according to NBC - it could have been hours and I would be none the wiser - they still had their spandex full body armour on), both competitors tried to poo poo the alleged altercation. I thought, okay, the media may be blowing something completely out of proportion. Sometimes it happens. What the hell else is happening at this Olympics?

Then at a press conference about who knows what, the two competitors were seated at opposite ends of the table. Davis made a comment that he would at least have liked Hedrick to shake his hand and congratulate him after his victory in one of the events since he had congratulated, nee, hugged Hedrick after his victory. Then Davis walked off like a spoiled child. Hedrick sort of chuckled for the cameras and looked all sly and then said nothing of consequence, acting the neighborhood bully.

Now, I don't have children, but I understand that when they throw a tantrum, you are to smack them upside the head and tell them to shut the f.... up because you said so. Wait, that's from the 1950's. You are supposed to leave them alone to let them cry it out.

But these are adults. And these adults are representing the U.S. in an international arena. It's almost as though they are saying "He took my woobie and won't give it back!", "Did not!" "Did too!" and so on. I wondered where they could have learned such an example.

Then I laughed. Hmmmm. Could our present national leadership be involved in setting the example? Discuss.

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