Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day, Part II

J took me to dinner at this wonderful restaurant. We had a fabulous meal in a lovely setting.


The couple came in with their 9 month old baby.

That's right. They brought the 9 month old out for their romantic dinner.

I love kids - sometimes. Actually, only sometimes. I prefer dogs. Sometimes, they are one and the same, but that's a story for a different post.

Luckily we were just finishing our meal so we only heard a couple 9 month old squeals.

This is my problem with parents. Why on earth would you want to bring your baby with you to a nice romantic dinner? Also, why on earth would you think other diners are going to coo at your little one and watch him/her spit up when all we want is to stare lovingly and longingly at our significant others across the table (more on that later)? Why?

I am a firm believer that there are some places and some occasions that do not warrant bringing your child. A Valentine's Day dinner would be one such occasion.

Beyond anything else, talk about a mood zapper. Was there any couple in that restaurant last night thinking, hmmm, how do we get home quick enough to try to make one of those? I doubt it.

On to my next gripe. This has always cracked me up probably because I am a cynic and a pain in the ass. I have been told that I can be difficult.

Who are these couples who go to restaurants and sit right next to one another? I see this at tables and in booths. I prefer to have my boyfriend sitting across from me. We can talk, hold hands, throw water at one another, whatever. If he were sitting next to me, I don't really know what we would do. Cuddle? Crane our necks by turning to look at one another? I don't know.

And guess what - you look like dumbasses when you do that. Stop it. Sit across from one another and like it.

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