Monday, February 13, 2006

Winterfest and Olympics

Alden had the best small town Winterfest. I dragged my boyfriend to the pancake breakfast. My father used to take us to a pancake breakfast each year and I have always loved them. Sure, I could make pancakes in my own kitchen, but they never taste as good as those made by volunteers in a church/school/rec. hall. I don't know why, but they don't. Experts (my sister) confirm this.

J wasn't the least bit excited to go. He had a bad experience at a spaghetti dinner at our high school many years ago. Apparently it was so bad that he can't talk about it. I am not quite sure what that means since I can't think of something so bad that could happen at a spaghetti dinner to scar you for life, but suffice to say, something must have. Even my creativity isn't coming up with something. Perhaps he fell in a vat of sauce? He walked around with basil in his teeth while trying to impress the ladies? I don't know.

Alden also had its first 5K race. They plan to do it each year. I was tempted to join the race because in 20 years I would love to be able to say that I ran every 5K race during Winterfest, but, alas, that is not to be. Ego stopped me. I was concerned that only "real" runners would be doing it and I would end up DFL (that's dead.....last). I can't be DFL. That would be demoralizing. So I didn't run. Besides, I justified to myself, I wouldn't be able to run and cross country ski, and I had been looking forward to skiing all week!

I saw the race run by my house. Um, yeah, I wouldn't have been DFL. And I feel foolish for being concerned about it. Here were people clearly enjoying the wonderful day, out with family and friends or just trying to complete the race. And I was worried I would be last just in front of the little golf cart thing with the sign "Race in Progress." Dumbass.

The park - damn near next to my house - offered softball in the snow (I didn't play, I can't play in the summer, let alone in the snow), igloo building (I have to tell my brother for next year for my nieces), dog sled demonstrations, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, etc. It was jam packed.

I didn't go to the wine tasting, chili cookoff, or Chinese auction because I was getting drunk with a friend of mine in my warm house. But I am sure they would have been fun also.

Kudos Alden! Next time, though, can you dismiss with the late night activities for kids/teens (by late I mean 10 - damn, I'm getting old). I had a group of kids run up to my door and knock with the knocker (I don't have a doorbell). Little bastards woke up my boyfriend and roused the dogs. Watch out, if I catch you, I'll kick your ass.

Enjoy Winterfest!

And the Olympics? I love the Olympics. I never watch these athletes at any other time, but I love to watch the Olympics. J doesn't like them. I said that's like not liking puppies. Everyone likes puppies and everyone likes the Olympics. Of course, he is watching them with me. Good boyfriend.

I would like to change some of the coverage. Give me more events and action, fewer sappy stories and fewer commercials. Is it a requirement that every athlete have some sorry past that must be rehashed for us to root for this person to make it down the mountain? Perhaps that's why I'm not an Olympican (yeah, that's the reason) - I have no sad past. I didn't live in a trailer without heat or water, my parents were there and good to me, I didn't break both legs crossing the street to get day old bread for dinner because we couldn't afford other food. See, I'm doomed. Can't be an Olympian.

Also, I understand Michelle Kwan is an amazing athlete and a wonderful representative, but she is no longer competing. I am bummed that I won't see her skate because I love her skating. Can we save the "let's recap her entire career" for another show? I would prefer to see people actually competing! Perhaps show a sport like cross country skiing (Now that I am a cross country skiier, having done it this weekend - look for me in 2010. That gives me four years to get in shape and get a sad story.).

I will be glued to the tv for prime time coverage. Go USA! Actually, GO ANYONE! I don't root for particular people, usually. I root for a good showing. Hell, I'd love to see some of these countries with only one or two athletes beat the pants off countries with over 100.

How about North and South Korea walking in the parade of athletes together? I loved it! Let that be a lesson.

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