Friday, February 10, 2006

Wayne, Say it isn't So....

Wayne, I love you. Janet isn't good for you. Give me call - we'll talk....

Those who know me know that while I respect all religions and respect your right to practice your religion, please do not shove the dove. That being said, I wasn't quite sure what to make of the full page ad I saw in the NY Times yesterday. A group of evangelical christians have gotten together in support of environmental causes, particularly global warming and climate change. I was pleasantly surprised and a bit conflicted. Kudos to them - but you can still keep Jesus.

On a related note, I was also quite surprised and excited to see that Canada doesn't have its head up it ass. Being half Canadian, this was good news since I think the U.S. is headed in the other direction. Part of me can remain afloat. The Canadian goverment/forestry service, logging companies/interests, and environmental groups are working together to improve relations in Western Canada and develop a plan to benefit all parties. WHAT! Working together? Parties so diametrically opposed are able to work together? Who should learn a lesson from this?

A couple of notes on the DaVinci Code caught my eye yesterday. If you have read the book you understand that the Opus Dei are a bit upset at their portrayal in the book. If you haven't read it, let's just say they aren't selling Girl Scout Cookies. Further, christian organizations are up in arms because this book brings to light information that calls their beliefs into question. I have to laugh because this past month we were all upset because James Frey lied in a book he claimed to be nonfiction and now we are pissed because this book that claims to be fiction is too close to the truth for comfort. I contend that most fiction has some basis in fact, however remote. Not being an historian, I can only guess that this book has some connection to truth also. But it has never been billed as nonfiction. Get over it. If it causes you to question your beliefs, perhaps they should be questioned. Why should you run around in a bubble accepting everything you are told. Come on.

Kudos to Sony Pictures for setting up a Web site related to the DaVince Code (movie opens in May, I guess). This site is for those who are skeptical of the content, etc. Really for naysayers and those who may boycott the movie. Smooth move - get to your detractors and urge them to see the film before making judgements. This means more money for Sony. It also means that you will get all kinds of publicity - good and bad. We all know what bad publicity did for Passion of the Christ (anti-semitism, anyone?). Let's get some of that for the DaVinci Code (the controversy, not the anti-semitism). Love it.

I also read that G.W. wants to implement standardized testing at the University/College level. Not quite clear what he would want to test, but okay, Mister C-student. Would that have prevented a presidency like yours? In that case - SIGN ME UP FAST AND NOW! Test all students! Everyday, if need be.

Recent news that I need comments on. We have all been reading/hearing about recent issues with large companies (notably the auto companies) regarding pensions, benefits for retirees, etc. Many companies are now realizing that promises they made in the past can't be kept without detriment to their current business. I am a firm believer in keeping promises, but at what cost? I think I need to learn empathy in this regard. I am of a generation that doesn't look at any job as guaranteed no matter what number of years or tenure you have. I also don't look at any benefits, pension, etc. as guaranteed. Perhaps this is because this is what I see everyday. I don't even know if I expect to have social security when I retire. I speak to others who have worked for years longer than me who completely think these employees are getting the bum end of the deal (not that I think they aren't, but....). Once again, promises are promises, but how far does it go? What is the solution?

Thoughts please.

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