Monday, February 06, 2006

Wonderful, powerful women

What a few months it has been. I read over the weekend that Betty Friedan died. Take that with the recent deaths of Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King and you have quite a triumvirate.

I am quite sad at the passing of all of these wonderful women. I also find myself speechless. It's difficult to put into words what contributions were made by all of these women - contributions to my own life even.

Give me a day or two. I am sure it will come.

Then I read an article in the Buffalo News about a poor divorcee (ex-husband is a doctor). Apparently, the good doctor stopped paying her bills as outlined in their divorce agreement months before. The guy even timed it such that the gas and electric would go out on Friday - just before the weekend (that promised to be bitter cold). She called the electric company and was able to have it connected after sharing her sob story but the gas company was a bit stubborn. It seems the gas company wanted to follow its rules. She is quite upset at the gas company for not responding to her quickly, etc. I am sure she is mad at the ex-husband for doing this to her, but that wasn't made clear. I suppose I shouldn't assume, since we know what that means.

I wanted to call her (in her 6500 sf home) and say, take some responsibility. You knew this change was coming, why not take ownership of it? If part of your agreement was to make this change, take it upon yourself to do so. Clearly, you married and then divorced this bastard, you had to know he wasn't going to be all wonderful. But then to take up valuable space in our newspaper to air your ridiculous grievance against the gas company?

Get over yourself.

I have a great deal of sympathy for people who legitimately have trouble paying bills because of hardship. Give some press to these people. Tell us of their plight. Spare me the poor, rich doctor's ex-wife who didn't think she should do this herself even though the agreement spelled it out crap.

How ironic this gripe is in the same blog as news of Betty Friedan's death. I wonder if that was intentional?

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