Wednesday, February 08, 2006


So my boyfriend was reading my blog the other day. He called me at work to let me know that apparently, I had a typo in one of my entries. Instead of Brokeback, I had typed Brokebake. He was quite proud of himself for catching this error. I don't often make mistakes (that's my assessment) so anytime he finds one, I am sure it gives him reason to gloat internally. To gloat externally means I would kick his ass so he keeps it to himself.

I then asked him if he had a chance to read all my recent blog entries and asked his opinion of them. He said he didn't read them all, just some. He was bored at lunch one day.

Now, he didn't seem to think this was an insult, but I did. Bored at lunch? So you thought, hell, I'm already bored, may as well read this crap.

Of course that's not what he meant (I hope), but it made me laugh nonetheless.

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