Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lifetime List

I had been working on my Lifetime List for some time. A few months ago I saw an article in one of my magazines about another woman's lifetime list and I was pissed off. I wanted the idea to be mine. And I wanted to write about it, dammit!

But alas, that is not to be. I do have my Lifetime List (notice my Lifetime List warrants capital LL while her's does not) and I will keep adding to it and modifying it as necessary.

Before I lose too many people, a Lifetime List is a list of 100 things you hope to accomplish before you die. Others may describe their lists a bit more eloquently, but I like to tell it like it is. Most of the time, a list of 100 actually has 100 items on it. Mine has about 60 but the goal is to reach 100. Several things on the list are one time deals. That's not to say that I can't do them again, but they aren't meant to be repeated. For example, run a marathon. While I may do that more than once, it only counts on my list once. I may modify that entry and write, run a marathon in each state and DC. But lets cross that bridge when we get to it - if I finish the marathon to begin with.

Other entries are ongoing. For example, I want to use my grandmother's china on more than special occasions. All dinners should be special and I shouldn't be afraid to use the good china. What the hell am I saving it for anyway?

My list is in an Excel spreadsheet because I am a goober. I have attached a copy here. This will take you to my personal website, pwhoffmann. Simply click on Portfolio and scroll down to Lifetime List. A couple of warnings/caveats:
  • The list is in no particular order.
  • Some of the items not marked as ongoing may be noted as that in the future. Some items may come off if I get grumpy.
  • Some things will likely be done later in life since they may be the last things I end up ever doing such as "dive with sharks."
  • Some things may not be for the faint of heart or those who think I am some virginal, pure being - I don't know who you people would be, but hey.
  • Some things are ready made to be made fun of. Shut up! If you don't like it, I challenge you to develop your own damn list. And put all your pansy ass crap on it.
I welcome comments on Lifetime Lists - either mine or your own. Enjoy!

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