Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tarot Will Send You Straight to Hell! (Part IX)

Wednesday was a rather trying day. We returned from our trip to the other sites to find a group meeting that got out of control. I became quite upset with leadership and had to remove myself from the situation. That night a student decided to get rip roaring wasted and pissed on a cot. Or on the floor. He pissed on something that wasn't the bathroom. Earlier in the week we had a dumbass try to buy beer in MS with a fake ID. He was promptly sent home per the rules and regulations signed by everyone.

Our pisser's punishment can be debated, and was. I put my two cents in which never seemed to matter and doesn't need to be discussed further in this blog. Suffice to say that my experience with certain things got in the way of my experience in New Orleans and I don't like that it did. I wasn't here to suffer through internal politics and bullshit, but I did. And survived - I think.

Today we went into New Orleans and the French Quarter. I was responsible for a group of students. I had to walk with them to make sure they didn't do anything against the vows they took to come on the trip. I would have loved to have taken them to get hurricanes (the drink) but knew better. They may read this and come and beat me in my office at Bonas, but that's the way it goes. Perhaps another time.

I worked with this group on the first day when we gutted houses. I continue to be amazed at the students. They are awesome! I told them that I had been to New Orleans before and have seen what I need so they can do whatever they want. I would just make sure they stayed out of trouble. One guy joked that he wanted to go to a nudie girlie bar. I said, fine. I would prefer not to, but if that's what they want, okay. No drinking though.

We didn't do that. We found a wonderful little diner/hole-in-the-wall to eat in. We also discussed all kinds of things that will stay in New Orleans - it is spring break after all. So shut up group of mine!

Actually, we were so tired, we sat in the lobby of the Sheraton in these wonderfully plush and comfy chairs watching people walk by. Most of the group - or perhaps all - had been to New Orleans before and just wanted to relax - or drink. That narrowed the choices.

When we returned to camp, the wind had picked up and there were reports that thunderstorms, hail and perhaps tornados were headed our way. I thought this would nicely cap our week in New Orleans. Luckily that was not necessary.

I read tarot cards for students for about 3 hours that night. I creeped many of them out which is always a bonus. I find that I am eerily accurate. They thought so too. I got tired, because I'm old and need to go to bed before 11 p.m. so I told them to stop at my office and I would remember to bring a deck to work. I am not sure how the dean will feel about this. Perhaps I should ask first! Actually, I will ask first. I would hate to get reprimanded for this. In fact, one student that is actually mine told me he wanted to schedule a meeting to discuss his Capstone and wanted a reading at the same time. Whatever works, I guess.

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