Sunday, March 12, 2006

We are Leaving (Part X)

Friday is bittersweet. We are excited to leave to return to some degree of normalcy. But also upset that we are leaving the area. There is so much that needs to be done that cannot possibly be accomplished in one week by 60+ people. What we did was admirable. And what we did was appreciated. I was excited to board the van to leave. But I knew I would be sad.

After some delay we were on the road. After many, many, many hours, I arrived home. My first order of business was to get some chicken fingers and milk! When I pulled into my driveway I cried. I cried because I had my choice for dinner. I could walk to dinner if I wanted. My house is standing and is as cute as I left it. My dogs were barking inside and were alive to greet me. I didn't have a giant "X" on my house. It was a gorgeous day and kids were biking, skateboarding and running. My community was whole. And I was whole. My family and friends were a convenient phone call away. And I was grateful.

I loved my dogs when I opened the door. I loved my house, I ate my dinner, I drank my wine, I showered (a long shower). I greeted my boyfriend who disappointed me, but he was around. We had dinner and I fell asleep for hours. I woke up and read the Sunday paper and drank my coffee. It seemed as if the past week was a dream because I was clean and had gotten sleep and was home.

I am so very grateful for my experience. I am excited that the students who joined us are members of the Bonaventure community and will make an exceptional mark on the world. I am so proud of everyone involved and I am proud of me for going.

I saw the front page of the Saturday Buffalo News with an article about alternative spring breaks and a picture of some of our group. I smiled.

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