Sunday, March 12, 2006

BonaResponds Recap - Please Read First

My intention when I went to New Orleans was to update my blog each day. However, when we arrived at our location in St. Bernard Parish, I was told we didn't have internet access. Instead, I wrote my blog in a notebook and promised to update it when I returned. It is noted in this blog as entries Part I through Part X. For those looking at these entries, you are probably questioning why I chose to put them in reverse order, so to speak. I wanted to keep the entries chronological as they would have been had I actually entered them when I wrote them. I hope this makes sense. It does to me, but that isn't always the best gauge.

Also, when I typed this in all at once, I was tempted to edit entries. However, I thought better of that and kept things as I had written them because the emotions at their writing couldn't be replicated with me sitting in my office at home. Note that. As I was rereading the entries, I noticed anger, sadness, and other emotions I had experienced over the course of the week.

Please recognize that as you read. These were written over the course of a week. Enjoy and comment. I appreciate all comments.

Also, please note that I put all entries on my personal website with pictures. The text is pretty much the same as this blog (in the same order which doesn't really make sense there, but oh well) with additional comments next to the pictures and noted in italics. Check me out.

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