Monday, June 12, 2006

Ahh So Many Things to Cover

My boyfriend and I went to the Allentown Art Festival this weekend. I love this event. It gives us a chance to get out and check out some cool art. I also like people watching.

There was one guy in particular. He had the best t-shirt ever. It had a picture of George Bush Sr. (G.W.'s Daddy) with a caption that read "I should have pulled out." I giggled all day when I thought about it. Hell, I am still giggling.

Something else. I fart. A lot. A couple days ago my boyfriend told me that he didn't want me to do that anymore. I told him it was unnatural and that everyone farts. I told him that people have been known to explode from excess gas in their intestines. Whether this is true or not doesn't matter to me. I have gas. When further pressed about the issue he told me he didn't like it because it wasn't ladylike. Dude, if you are dating me because you expected to get a "lady" you are SOL, my friend. There is nothing ladylike about me! And I am quite proud of that!

I got a catalog today from One Spirit - it's an alternative book club. I marvel each month at the number of variations on yoga. There is yoga with its own variations (Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, etc.) but there is also yogalates (yoga and pilates), yoga with weights, yoga with cardio, doga (yoga with your dog) you name it and yoga goes with it. Today, I saw one for Spoga. I read the description and it still doesn't make any sense to me.

So I decided I would start my own yoga. It will be called HOGA. I think you can guess the kind of yoga you will be doing. Hey, HO is the first part of my last name so I could just be self-centered. HO is also a nickname I have and I have for others so it could reference that characteristic. You decide.

Spoga. Come on.


Michael said...

Couldn't Wild Mountain Organics get out a T-shirt (organic cotton, of course) of the Bush T? Instant millionaires! I'm still laughing as well. Right up there with the grossly obese guy wearing 'I conquered anorexia!'.
As for farting, I say fart on proudly! Non-farters just don't cut it... ;-)

Jen14221 said...

I fart too. It really bothers my husband...but I think he thought it was kind of charming when he was just my fiancee.