Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Heartless Blog Entry - Proceed with Caution

Those of you who read my blog know that I am incredibly sensitive.

Actually, if you think that, you must be reading some other blog. This particular entry is in response to several articles I have read recently that I feel need my comment. Some of the comments may seem heartless so proceed with caution.

Remember, you were warned.

People Magazine (my trashy bible) ran an article in an effort to save a cat's life. Since they have nine, why should we be concerned with one, but I digress. I am an animal lover. But for some reason, cats don't do it for me. I tried liking cats to no avail. I certainly wish them no ill will, unless...

I do not approve of people who let their cats roam freely throughout the neighborhood. When I first moved into my house, I looked in my backyard and saw a cat squatting in one of my gardens. My neighbor said, oh that's my cat (insert cat's name here because I don't remember). She likes to poop in your yard, I hope you don't mind.

Um, yeah, I do mind. Get your beast out of my yard and perhaps invest in a litter box. Have her shit in your yard. Talk about a welcome to the neighborhood.

At any rate, this cat in question in People Magazine apparently likes to attack people. This wouldn't bother me if the cat was an indoor cat and attacked people visiting the owner's house. However, she is an outdoor cat allowed to roam free. She lunged at one woman getting out of her car in her own driveway and I believe she attacked another woman or man doing something else in their own yards. These victims are trying to get the town to either euthanize the cat or force the owner to make her an indoor cat. The owner apparently missed the option portion of the issue and is fighting the town to keep her cat alive but still wants to let it roam freely.

This woman is lucky. If this cat attacked my leg as I got out of my car, we would be playing a rousing game of "kick the cat". That this warrants coverage in People Magazine is absurd. Get over it! The owner then said, the cat is actually a sweetheart. Really? Is this how sweethearts behave? We need to re-evaluate your definition of sweetheart.

Keep the god-damned cat indoors. Problem solved. Euthanize the cat. Problem also solved.

The next item will really make me feel heartless so let me start by saying that I completely sympathize with the woman who lost both of her sons to drugs. It is horrible, tragic, awful. I cannot imagine losing a child let alone two. But.....

This woman in the Buffalo News was profiled because she is starting an organization to help other parents or kids who may be struggling with addictions. I applaud that. Absolutely! Good luck to you.

However, the story described either has some holes or is a terrible parenting story. I hope the Buffalo News missed something or this is just God awful.

The woman lost one son to drugs when he was quite young. I think it was 18 or 20. She had another son about the same age come to her telling her that he was involved in drugs also and that he didn't think he could get out from under them.

In my mind a huge red flag would be going up whether or not you had already lost a child to drugs. I would have been calling doctors, rehab clinics and so on to find out the best way to treat my child. He would not have been let out of my sight. It's difficult enough to get kids to talk to you and when they do - act on it!

Her solution - take him to the cemetery to the grave of his brother. Then watch him sob.

Wow, that sounds like great parenting advice. Then wonder why, not long after that, he also succumbs to drugs.

Again, I completely sympathize with any parent who loses a child. But.... I hope I got it wrong. But the article mentioned nothing about any other alternative therapy options.
That is very sad and I hope her organization is able to help others.

I feel that too much parenting happens after the fact. My boyfriend and I are discussing becoming parents. I know I will not be perfect. I know I will make mistakes (probably hundreds). I also know I cannot prevent everything. But there are some things I can do to take the bull by the horns. And I hope I do.

I also felt a bit heartless when I first heard about Natalie Holloway, the girl abducted (and probably killed) in Aruba. My first thought was, what school and what parent allows a poorly chaperoned senior trip to Aruba? I felt bad for thinking that considering that the woman just lost her daughter, but let's be reasonable.

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Corey said...

I know this post is a little old, but I wanted to let you know that it made me laugh out loud for the first time in a long while.