Thursday, November 16, 2006

What Riles Me

You would think that I would have had plenty to say about the surprise October snowstorm we experienced as a suburb of Buffalo or any number of other topics. But that is not what has gotten my ire.

Play Station 3
Who are these idiots waiting in line for days, sometimes in tents, to get a damn game? It is a game! It is not widely available but will be. Wait, for the love of God.

I saw a clip on the news last night. A woman was sitting in her son's tent for him so he didn't lose his place in line. She felt good about it because she was helping him out. She didn't want him to miss school for this.

My mind was reeling with all kinds of thoughts, the first of which was "you think this is a good thing?" What a wonderful mother and example you are.

"Hey, Johnny, I don't want you to miss school today because that would be wrong. Let me sit in your tent and read a Danielle Steel novel while you go to class. I don't want you to lose your place."

The lesson seems to be missing. Is this important enough to consider skipping school for? Is this important enough to ask your mom for help with?

If I was the mother and Johnny was my son, the conversation would have proceeded like this:

"Hey mom, wanna sit in my tent waiting for Play Station 3 while I run off to school?"

"Hey Johnny, get your damn head out of your ass. You have to be shittin' me to ask a question like this? Get your lazy ass off the sidewalk, and get it to school. You clearly need it."

How would conversations have gone at your house?


Michael said...

I don't think I would have said it so politely! But it would appear that life has been turned into a huge game these days. Nothing else really matters to a lot of people who seem divorced from reality.

Corey said...

Nigga Please

UKBob said...

I have to confess to playing games on my PS2 but for sure I wouldn’t wait in line like those you speak of nor would I wait in line for anyone else. I expect some will be waiting there in the hope they can sell it on and make something out of it, I don’t rate these people at all, I admire the determination of those genuine gamers but I think they are going to pay for their determination. Personally I can wait a couple of years until the dust settles and Sony don’t hold all the cards.