Thursday, October 05, 2006

What a week I have had

I don't even know where to begin.

Oh yes I do.

Random Thought 1

Who are these men fighting over who is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby? If you are going to fight over someone's baby, fight over Angelina's baby. Anna Nicole's? Get over yourself!

Back to being serious - sort of.

Random Thought 2

Last weekend, my boyfriend, J, and I went to a pretty cool festival. It was the fiber festival at a local state park (actually, the Knox State Park which is on the estate once owned by the Knox family). Before you say, "fiber festival, you guys can sure live it up, how come you're not fighting for paternity of Anna Nicole's baby," let me say that it was pretty cool. J and I are interested in eventually buying some land, building a house (if an old farmhouse isn't already on the land) and having a small farm with a garden for me and bison, caribou, llamas, and alpacas for him. I then get chickens and a horse.

The fiber farm is a group of people who use natural fibers from alpacas, sheep, etc. to weave, spin, knit, what-have-you. It was pretty cool to see such an old art still alive. In fact, I may take a class in weaving because I need something to do since my dissertation is in review (woo hoo).

They had representatives from different farms in the area. One woman had some screwed up looking fluffy chicken thing that I decided I must have on my future farm laying eggs and such. She also had pot-bellied pigs as pets. These pigs acted much like a dog would. They listen, obey, and even sit on your lap, That is a sight. A pot-bellied pig, bellying up to the lap. A lap pig. Cute.

Random Thought 3

My friend had to share a story about a dead cat who wasn't. She was in the midst of moving chaos. Anyone who has ever moved knows this pain and this stress and my friend and I have moved enough for a small community to thrive. At any rate, while waiting for her family to help, they reported to her that her cat was found dead on the side of the road. She was too distraught to look at the cat and instead said, I will deal with this later. The family then buried the cat.

After moving, she was in her dad's basement getting some things when what shows up but the alleged dead cat. Now, if it was me, I would have shit my pants, but she was more calm. When she told her family that they buried someone else's roadkill it made for an interesting story. So if you are reading this in Western New York and haven't seen your beloved Fluffy in a week, let me know. We may have her buried in someone's backyard.

Random Thought 4

Who is killing the Amish? What kind of sick nut are you? They are Amish and have done nothing to you. When school shootings happen, it is devastating. But when they occur in an Amish school, I don't even know what to think.

Random Thought 5

People are trying to sue cigarette companies because they thought the "lite" cigarettes were better for them. You have got to be kidding me. Take responsibility for your actions. Did you honestly think lite cigarettes were better? I guess when they kill you, you won't be as dead. I am not even sure what that would mean.

Random Thought 6

A woman in my area of Western New York was jogging on a bike path that I have actually ridden my bike on. She was killed on this path while jogging at 4 in the afternoon. It's not even dark yet. And this is wonderful, crime-free neighborhood. It gives me the creeps because this could be any of us. Whenever I run now, I will be sure to tell someone where I plan to go and then check it when I return. Better safe than sorry. This sucks!

Have a great weekend!

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