Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Green is one of my favorite colors

I am quite impressed thwhere I turn and every magazine or newspaper I read has an article about the greening of America. There are all kinds of tips and tricks to make small changes to your lifestyle in order to make a difference for the planet. I have even started incorporating small changes in my own lifestyle. I recycle whenever I can. In fact, I even "borrowed" my fiance's recylcing bin because one isn't enough each week. One could argue that if I need two recycling bins, I am clearly using too much damn stuff, but that's okay. At least I am recycling.

I also try to be mindful of the lights and water I use. I try to remember to turn off the water as I brush my teeth or turn off the lights when I leave a room even if I plan to return soon. This is more difficult because I like to leave lights on when I know I will soon return to the room. That's why I have switches. It is easy to turn things on and off. No problems whatsoever.

I talked to my fiance and we are going to expand our compost pile. I am not really sure what needs to happen, but he seems to. I will then recycle much more and reuse it to the benefit of my garden.

I also plan to grow my own veggies this year. My yard is a bit small to grow the garden I want so my brother agreed to plow part of the yard at my mom's. There is quite a bit of room so I won't even be noticed. I have my list of veggies. I will plow a little spot in my own yard to grow herbs and greens. I cannot wait to walk into the backyard to pick greens for a salad. Yummy!

I also want to purchase the rest of my produce at farmers markets and even try some eggs and meats from local farms. I had read an article touting the benefits - flavor and environmental - of using locally produced beef, poultry, and pork. We shall see. My fiance is not sold on this idea since he thinks it will make us ill. I'll try it first. If I am okay, we should be good to go.

We already have the organic body care company - Wild Mountain Organics - showing our commitment to keeping things off of our skin that shouldn't be there like chemicals and crap.

Each of us can make a small contribution. We don't all need to live in eco-friendly houses and wear hemp (although I would love to if I could afford it), but we can contribute in other ways that will make a difference. Check back - I plan to offer more information on the greening of America.

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