Monday, April 16, 2007

Panties in Space

What's funny today?

I was driving to work listening to NPR, as I always do. There was an interesting story about tethering satellites in space.

It turns out that NASA scientists (I am guessing NASA - I was pumping gas and missed the first bit, but who else is tethering satellites in space?), are experimenting with different materials to tether satelites.

These scientists are quite clever people and have apparently never had dates in their lives.

To compensate, one of the materials they are experimenting with is the same material used as trim in some Victoria's Secret panties.

That's a hell of an endorsement for Victoria's Secret. The company should use it in their advertising. Something like: If our panties can tether a satellite, imagine what they can do for your ass. (Or wording like that.)

In the spirit of recycling, when I have finished wearing my panties, I may donate them to NASA to help tether our satellites (and then write the donation off for $1 million since that's how the government inflates prices).

That's also a hell of a compost pile.

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