Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There Surely is an Ass For Every Seat

How dumb are we?

Everyone seems to be buying things online - EBay, Amazon, you name it. I buy things online. I prefer it, in fact. I can shop without ever slipping into a pair of underwear. I can do that anyway, I guess, but shopping online makes me less conscious of it.

Again - give the Chinese credit for their entrepreneurial spirit.

There are sites that offer products that we Americans must have before the general public. Think about the debut of some of these electronic things that our children must have like Play Stations and other crap that just ruin their tiny little minds. The Chinese are praying on our greed...

And I completely applaud it!

There are stories of people in China offering to get these products for Americans ahead of their release date. All we would need to do is wire the money to them via Western Union or whatever and they will get the product and send it to us! Keep in mind that there are no guarantees the product will ever show up. It would like me saying to someone on the street, "Sure, I can get that for you. Give me $200 and you wait right here. I'll be right back." How do you think that story ends?

And people are wiring money to random dudes in China in the hope of getting the first Play Station or whatever gizmo is popular. I imagine parents are sending this money thinking that it will be wonderful to tell Mitzy at the salon that Little Bastard Johnny got the newest gadget from the maker in China and it only cost $300 more than it normally would but it's worth it to see Johnny so excited that he can play the videogame 'Death in the School Halls' before all his little bastard friends.

And imagine their surprise when they receive nothing in the mail.

And they have no legal recourse.

Capitalism rules!


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