Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is that Sarcasm?

I am sitting in my office eating lunch. My fiance is wonderful. I mentioned to him that I like this soda pop (Jones Pure Cane Soda) that we have at faculty meetings on campus. We couldn't find it at the local grocery store, but he managed to find it at a convenience store.

I am thrilled to be sitting in my office with this treat. This is also a long day for me. I wil probably be on campus until about 9 p.m. with a snow storm a comin'.

I try to open my bottle and the damn thing starts shooting grape soda all over the place! It gets my computer, my desk, my pants, my chair, my floor. I find myself scrambling to clean the beast up. What a mess. Purple liquid everywhere. And the splatter on my pants - super sexy. Luckily my pants are black with white and gray specks. Things blend. Things that aren't wet!

This is one of those sodas with the clever messages on the caps. My message:

You will soon receive compliments on your style.

Is that sarcasm?

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