Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ill-Behaved Children

FYI - your ill-behaved children are cute only to you.

I don't think it's cute that little Susie walks all over your pathetic ass. It is disturbing that a child has so much power.

I don't think it's cute that little Tommy beats on all of your pots and pans as if they were drums, thus forcing you to order out - probably chicken nuggets because that's all the little bastard will eat. It means you are stupid.

I don't think it's cute that little Johnny interrupts our phone calls. Teach the little shit some manners.

I don't find little Annie so adorable when, you, her parents let her run about a restaurant as if she owns the place getting in the way of the wait staff coming to my table with my meal. I also don't find it cute when Annie screams until you get her the dessert or whatever other crap you are feeding her. It says much too much about you.

Can't we go back to the old days? Not that I ever wish for that, but when it comes to parenting, can't we go back to "children should be seen and not heard?" How do we legislate that? Because there are many children I would like to see and never hear. Hell, there are some children I think should be neither seen nor heard, but that's another post altogether.

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Silbs said...

You'd adore seeing and hearing my grand son.