Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wii Fit, Really?

Apparently everyone and her brother is buying this damn Wii Fit for the holidays. I see the commercials all over and they drive me crazy.

I am trying to understand it.

Instead of getting off your lazy ass and going to the gym or a tennis court, basketball court, football field, etc., you stand on this squarish pad and "play" your sport of choice while watching "yourself" on TV?

Two words:

Get outside!

You may still go outside and you may still walk in the field or on a hiking trail or run down the street. Go for a swim, kayak, ride a bike. There are so many things to do in the fresh air, why would you confine yourself to your living room? And don't blame it on winter. You may still ski, snowshoe, run.

What's worse is that I saw the yoga version. Who is doing yoga on a small square big enough for my size 11 feet? Yoga requires a mat. Yoga may also be done outdoors. What a wonderful feeling doing yoga in the shade on the grass. Yoga may be done in a studio with other like-minded individuals (and it is fabulous when the group is working as one). Are you doing it balancing on a white pad?

I don't understand what our world is coming to. Have we really gotten so lazy that a workout consists of watching TV?

Of course, I guess if you pop in an exercise video, it's relatively comparable, but I find it disturbing that Wii Fit is being touted as a solution to our obesity problem.


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Anonymous said...

I am going to buy you one for christmas!!