Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm the Sandwich, You are the Meat

I was in a restaurant a few weeks ago eating alone. I enjoy eating alone because I can read the paper, or read a magazine, or do not a damn thing but concentrate on my food and enjoy the solitude.

I also like to eavesdrop. I know it is wrong, but who gives a crap. Sometimes it is damn funny. Sometimes it is depressing as hell. Sometimes I jump into professor mode and want to help.

That happened.

Two grown men were talking about an upcoming meeting with their company. Immediately I want to know more. I hear the younger of the two dudes talking about the approach they should take at this particular meeting. He thinks that he should start the meeting and then introduce the older dude to express to them the importance of standing up as men and acting as men.

My ire was raised because I like to think we have gotten past all men in an organization, but I guess we haven't. And if there were women, they were being presented as men, and that pisses me off too.

Then the young dude mentions that the church congregation will something something. When I hear church, I figuratively curl up into the fetal position and go to my happy place.

Apparently, the old dude is a minister/pastor for an evangelical church and is trying to spread the word of the Lord and the mission of the church and the memory that is Jesus.

Or, as we used to say when I worked in creative services for a Catholic organization, the Rah Rah, Blah Blah, Jesus.

The young dude is trying to help him revitalize the church.

At one point, the young dude said, "As I see it, I am the sandwich and you are the meat in this situation."

I am still trying to figure out what the hell that means.

Does it mean that I am the bread wrapping around the large salami that is you?

Or does it mean that my whole grain goodness will try to tame your high fat, high sodium deli ham?

I will embrace the congregation, much as a pita contains the souvlaki, while you will indoctrinate them with the word of the Lord, much as the deli meats poison the body with their high sodium content?


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