Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pi Day is Coming! Get ready!

Calling all goobers.....

You know you're a goober when you receive an invitation to join the Scientific American Book Club.

I am a member of a few books clubs - Doubleday, One Spirit, Book of the Month, Homestyle Books - but not a goober book club.

This is how they decided to entice me:
"The Beauty of Numbers"
Discover concepts essential to mathematics.

I can start my five-book library today by ordering the following five books:

  • e: The story of a number
  • The Joy of Pi
  • The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, The World's Most Astonishing Number
  • Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea
  • The Imaginary Tale, the Story of (square root of negative one) - I can't do equations in blogger.

All for $5.99 plus a free book!

And my free book?

To Infiity and Beyond: A Cultural History of the Infinite

I was stunned when I ripped open my envelope. Stunned. How else would you describe it?

Thank God I had a glass of wine or I might have cried at the amazing offered being given me. Imagine all of that so cheap?

They almost had me.

But then I remembered that while I enjoy math (particularly if I get money and get to add it to my account), I don't think I want to read about it. Honestly, what kind of person sits with a book titled The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, The World's Most Astonishing Number?

I admit that I get more excited than most when National Geographic Magazine shows up each month, but even I don't think I could get excited when the book Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea shows up in its wrapping, all crisp and waiting to be cracked.

Of course, knowing those who read this blog, I can expect to get all five of these books gift-wrapped in paper with equations all over it. I turn 40 this year. What better way to celebrate that milestone number, than with books celebrating other milestone numbers and mathematical ideas.


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Anonymous said...

Slut - - you know what kind of person that would just foam at the mouth or these books....I'm married to it...