Tuesday, June 23, 2009

National Nude Day is Coming!

I was reading a magazine yesterday and came across a listing of holidays in July. Of course we know July 4 is our Independence Day. And July 1 is Independence Day in Canada. July 14 is Bastille Day in France.

Did you know that July 14 is also National Nude Day?

How to celebrate, how to celebrate.....

Of couse, we will have to celebrate nude by getting naked.

July 14 is a Tuesday this year and I have nothing planned as yet, so I could just run around my house naked while toasting my nakedness with some wine.

It is the middle of summer, so if I were to go outside naked, I would need to slather on the sunscreen everywhere! Believe it or not, there are parts of me that haven't seen sun ever. I am not in the habit of running about naked. Sure, I like being naked, but running about naked.....Well, perhaps.

It certainly renders the question, "what will I wear?" moot.

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