Friday, June 17, 2011

New Bike Path in Town

The Lancaster Heritage Trail is four miles of trail that occupies a former railroad track.  The link takes you to the listing on the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Web site.

I had heard about this trail and had never been on it.  I finally got a new pump so that I can pump up my bike tires.  I love riding my bike because it's a rather low impact workout.  It isn't too jarring on my joints and my body.  Don't get me wrong, I am flipping exhausted when I'm finished, but I can function.  Of course, if I ride too long, my crotch is sore.  How do these dudes do the Tour de France?

This trail is completely gorgeous!  I love that I can ride my bike from my house and do the trail without too much trouble.  I also love that I can park my car and run on the trail.  It is marked and is four miles each way so I could make a long run out of it....when I get to the point that I am able to do long runs again.

Very peaceful and people are damn friendly.  I love running or biking and saying hello or nodding or smiling at those who pass me.  And being outside in nature - just wonderful.

I did hear a tractor.  It made me giggle because I am reminded that I am a redneck.  I love the country and love country living.

I will return to this trail.

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