Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roycroft Festival and Travel Opportunities

My mother and I enjoy going to the Roycroft Festival in East Aurora, NY.  It is close by and features incredibly talented artists, many of whom are local.  This year my mom bought some small wooden puzzles for my nephews.  I bought this amazing hemp purse from Jan Brecht.  I had trouble deciding between two styles.  I told her I would buy the other at the next event.  I hope she still has it.

My mother also suggested that we travel this summer.  Nowhere too fancy or too far away.  We could just get in the car and drive.  I was reminded of an article I yanked out of the Summer 2011 issue of the AAA Member Connection Magazine.  It highlights ten hidden gems in Western New York.  In fact, the article is titled Top 10 Hidden Gems in Western New York.  Here they are:
  • Griffis Sculpture Park - in or near Ashford Hollow
  • Cobblestone Museum Complex (Route NY 104)
  • Village of Findley Lake in Chautauqua County near PA
  • Village of Angelica - Allegany County
  • Abbey of the Genesee - community of monks near Rochester
  • Springdale Farm - part of Monroe County park system
  • Rock City Park - in Olean near SBU!
  • Country Barn Quilt Trail - in Orleans County
  • National Soaring Museum - Elmira
  • Vineyard Express - Lockport
The two of us would get a kick out of most of these destinations.  In fact, I've been on the Vineyard Express.  I love trains and my husband arranged a trip a few years ago for my birthday.  It was a great deal of fun on a cool old-time train.  I have also been to Rock City Park but it was when I was much younger.  I have been on Route NY 104 and have seen many of the cobblestone homes.  Route NY 104 is stunning.  Runs along Lake Ontario.  If you enjoy driving, head out.  Also, during the summer is wonderful because the route is dotted with farm stands selling all sorts of fresh produce.  Yummy!

I think everyone who lives in WNY would also argue that many things are missing from the list.  Of course, you have to remember "hidden gems."   WNY has many not-so-hidden gems like Letchworth State Park, Niagara Falls, etc.

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