Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Woes

I did not feel well this weekend. I felt dizzy and wasn't sure why.  I thought perhaps I wasn't eating properly or I was dehydrated.  Then I thought perhaps it was my neck.  I tend to carry my stress in my neck and sometimes it gets tight.  I have a massage scheduled today so that should help.

The Alden Carnival was in town and we had the parade march by in front of our house which is gobs of fun when you have two dogs that bark at worms crawling in the yard.  Imagine the mayhem when there are firetrucks with sirens and kids squealing because parade participants are tossing candy, marching bands are playing bad versions of songs you thought you liked.  Ah, everyone loves a parade!

Jamie and I did partake of the Lion's Club sponsored chicken BBQ.  We love to buy food when it's sold in town like that.  We enjoy supporting our local community.  And we enjoy eating.  In that order?  You decide.

We didn't do a damn thing for Jamie's parents for mother's or father's day so we decided to combine the two and take them to dinner.  We had a marvelous dinner at the Asa Ransom House in Clarence.  This is a local bed and breakfast that also serves wonderful meals.  I would like to return with some ladies for afternoon tea!  The meal uses herbs from the on-site herb garden. I always enjoy that.  Everyone had something different.  My Chilean sea bass with fennel and blackberry was wonderful and light enough that I was able to have the berry cobbler for dessert.  Damn!  If you have not made the trip to Clarence, I recommend stopping in.  They also served NYS wines.  I am not a fan of NYS reds, but we can pump our some lovely whites.  Prejean Gewurztraminer was the perfect complement to my sea bass.

I told Jamie that it was foolish since Asa Ransom House is about ten minutes from our house, but I want to spend the night sometime!  Get away from everything while getting away from nothing.

Today I made this wonderful pork tenderloin with parsley shallot sauce courtesy of Ellie Krieger. Her book, The Food You Crave, is one of my go-to books when I need something quick, delicious and good for you.  Jamie also loves it.  When he requests leftovers for work, I know I have a winner since he hates leftovers.

I don't know how anyone hates leftovers.  Sometimes they are better than the first time around.

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