Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weeding, Joy, Rapture

I was going to weed the garden yesterday, but the weather report was calling for a hot humid day.  Today, it said, would be much cooler. 

And the meteorologists got it right!

Today was overcast and nice and cool.  I could not have picked a better day to weed the garden.  I was armed with my gardening gloves that fit, well, like a glove.  Tractor Supply across the street had them on sale for $5 or something equally cheap.  They are awesome! 

Weeding, it turns out, is a pretty big job.  It kinda sucks.

I very gingerly weeded around my poor peas and beans and herbs.  I think I have about five pea and bean plants each.  Very sad year for beans and peas.  But I am going to pamper the little buggers.  If I get enough for a salad, I'll be happy.  I am also thankful for my farmers market.  Love those guys and gals.

The plants are growing well (pictures below).  It was awesome to smell the tomato plants.  Tomatoes are not yet growing on the vines, but the blossoms are there.  And the smell just reminds me of summer and vegetables.

I love my garden and can't wait to get stuff from it!

This is the garden!  Look at how green everything is!

It's not as easy to see everything else, but you don't see weeds.

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