Saturday, July 02, 2011

We are Painting the House

I have wanted to paint the outside of my house since I moved in a number of years ago.  The color is faded and blah.  In fact, if you were to drive down my street, you might not see my house.  It is small and cottage-like nestled between two large houses/buildings.  It is also the drabbest blue.  I normally like blue, but not a washed out blue.

We got the scaffolding from my brother and started.  We figured that since we had a three day weekend (thank you Fourth of July), we could get much done.

Painting is tough work, but the reward is amazing!  We have to scrap the wood.  Then we have to clean the wood.  Then we have to prime it.  Let that dry.  Paint the house - twice.  Then paint the trim.

We have the best setup.  We do one step and while waiting for the next step (because the water has to dry or the paint has to dry or we need a break), we sit in our Adirondack chairs drinking water or iced tea or coca cola.  We sure know how to live!

I some photos of the before of the house.  Keep in mind that we thought to take pictures after we set things up so you will see paint cans and garbage cans in places they don't belong.  Deal with it.

The back porch.  This is painting central, hence the mess. Take notice of the stupid light fixture.  It will also be replaced.
Just to the left of the back porch.

The front and left side of the house.

The front.


Front and right side.

Right side with Jamie assessing the work to be done.  Or Jamie resting.

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