Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Painting Continues

I would like to know how I can make such a mess of myself when I paint?  I have paint in places that shouldn't have paint.  How on Earth do I have paint on my thigh?  I am wearing pants, not painting naked!

This is certainly not a difficult job, but it is time-consuming and tedious.  When we sit down after finishing a piece, though, we feel so good and can't wait to finish the entire job.

I am also getting better at climbing the ladder and hopping up on the scaffolding.  I am not fond of climbing to places in which I can fall and crack my head open.  That's just a thing I have.

Here are some preview shots of what the house looks like after a couple of sides have been done.  Keep in mind that Jamie and I are doing this together.  Just the two of us.  And we have some time constraints.  He has a day job and I have work to do to get ready for shows for my products as well as my summer class that begins this weekend.

This is the back porch.  Recall how bad it looked?  Here it is in all its new glory.  Notice the new light fixture.

Okay, this porch is a mess.  Again, painting central so give us a break.  Notice the wonderful colors!

The back side.  The scaffolding is up and ready.  The spot in the lower right are some rotted boards we need to replace.
The official colors from Lowes:
Doors and shutters: Lincoln Cottage Black (from the National Trust for Historic Preservation collection)
Trim: Heavy Cream
Main color: Cooper Molera Fandango Red (from the National Trust for Historic Preservation collection)

Notice that some of the colors are from the National Trust for Historic Preservation collection.  We thought it would be fitting to use historic colors since our house was built in 1836.  It turns 175 this year.  We plan to have a party to celebrate.  Happy Birthday Homestead!

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