Monday, July 18, 2011


I love my husband.  Truly I do.

I just hate that he isn't as interested in finishing projects as I am.  At least not in as timely a manner as I am.  In fact, I discovered that if I am not at home because I'm teaching or selling my products or whatever reason, he will find every excuse there is not to do the project.  Often the excuse is hidden in the job itself.

For example, we are painting the house.  I wasn't around last weekend and wasn't here this past Saturday.  Good Lord, the problems that occur when a wife isn't there to supervise! 

I hurt my knee. 

I tried to power wash and then burned the hose and had to go to Lowes and then scraped and that didn't work as well and then I didn't get as much done as I wanted to because of the crises.

Hurting oneself is legitimate....if I believed it.  Burning a hose could have happened, but why wasn't work then done?

This week has already started out on the wrong foot because of the humidity.  I sweated through my clothes cutting watermelon.  I don't know how you cut watermelon, but it is not a cardio activity.  I can't paint if I can't stop sweating.  This project is going to extend into fall.

But we will be happy when it is finished.

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