Thursday, July 21, 2011

Latest Updates and Pictures

I managed to take some photos in this heat.  Hey, ya gotta do something!  I am going stir crazy!

First of all, I also discovered that husbands don't always have the best attention to detail.  As a note, my ENGINEER husband, didn't seem to think it was critical that we paint inside the lines.  For example, the trim color should be on the trim of the house.  The main house color should be on the main part of the house.  Let's keep those separate.

I do not like heights.  It doesn't help that I am very tall and would have a bit further to fall should I careen off a ladder.  Our agreement was my husband would do the high parts of the house, I would do the lower.

Until he decided to err.

I had to climb a ladder to the second floor.  This may sound wimpy and I don't care.  It was hard!  But I did it.  My husband didn't want to take the picture because he knew I would make fun of him on my blog and I didn't even deny it.  I told him that indeed I would.  Here I am on the ladder fixing the touch-ups.

I know it doesn't look so bad, but I had the can of paint and my me-we brush.

Which should come with an explanation, I guess.  In order to paint the touch-up and the trim, I rely on a small brush.  I asked Jamie for a small brush and he said, "you mean a wee brush?"  It's is always funny to hear that word - wee.  It's funnier when a burly 6'5" dude says it.  I said, "yes, I want a wee brush."

He got me this small brush.  Works wonders.  But it's too wee for him.  So he upgraded to a larger wee brush.  I have now named the small brushes the "he-wee" and the "me-wee."  They are our respective wee brushes.

The me-wee works much better.

But that could be the operator....

We were so excited to finish the back of the house (hey, progress, celebrate your small victories) that we bought a bistro set from Lowes.  Here it is.  The next picture will be me passed out on the bistro table holding an empty bottle of wine.  Wait for that one!

We fell in love with it and it even matches the house!  That was an added bonus and also a sign that we needed to buy it.  Go Lowes!

Here is the back of the house - as much as I could get of it.  Keep in mind that we haven't cleaned up yet so the yard is a mess.  But the house looks so nice!  And that bucket looks so fabulous tipped over and dirty, we may keep it there!

Wanna see the best lettuce ever?  The garden does need to be weeded, but much of what you see is actual produce.  Take a look at the two lines of lettuce.  Delicious!

Guess who's having salad for dinner?

For the rest of our lives....

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